Secret Garden Party

For the last six years I have been involved in festivals, starting with Secret Garden Party as head chef of Soulfire Restaurant. An å la carte servvice for 225 covers a night over the four nights of the festival. Cosmo Peterkin, head brunch chef and I have built the kitchen from scratch each year, working closely with chippies, sparklies, plumbers, hire companies and obviously local high quality suppliers. This has been a highlight of my year every year since 2009. Coming together as a team year after year and pulling together something we can all be exceptionally proud of, it doesnt get any better than that!


I have been involved in Wilderness since year one. Originally sous chefing to Tom Hunt, pulling together the initial banquets with Moro, Skye Gyngall and Tom himself. This led onto work with Moro in their first souk tent the year after, which in turn led to a very happy year working in Moro and Morito, two immensely successful restaurants where I learnt more than I could have dreamed of.